General Specs

Design Requirements

All units must have a 1-pixel solid black border and an opaque background color. Margin/padding should be set to 0 from your document so that the creative sits flush to the edge of the page and the border does not exceed the unit's dimensions. Setting the CSS property "box-sizing" to "border-box" will ensure that an element's final size includes its border.

Consult with media planner as individual sites can have different restrictions.

Most Common Ad Formats

Desktop: 300x250, 728x90, 160x600, 300x600, 970x250
Mobile: 300x250, 300x50, 320x50

Time Limit

Animation length of 15 seconds is advised per IAB spec, however up to 30 seconds is commonly accepted by most publishers. Animation must not exceed 30 seconds. Once a user clicks to interact, animation length is no longer limited.


Clickthroughs must be implemented using eyeBuild.

File Size

Standard creative is limited to 300kb, Rich Media creative may be up to 2.2mb (uncompressed size, pre-zip)

Special formats (eg: expanding banners, pushdowns, interstitials/OTP) are automatically considered Rich Media. Please contact us regarding non-IAB special formats.

External Resources

All resources loaded by the creative must be included as part of the creative. However, loading common Javascript libraries (eg: JQuery, CreateJS) from trusted CDNs is allowed. This covers the imports required by common HTML animation development environments such as Adobe Animate. If in doubt about whether a third party load will be allowed, contact us.

Event Tracking

Any function or user interaction within an ad unit may be tracked. Please use eyeBuild to add appropriate tracking to interactions and/or playback milestones. The tracking event names and their associated IDs must be provided alongside the creative.

Backup Images

Backup images are not strictly required, but may be included for display in legacy browsers. Backup images should generally be 40kb, or 80kb for large format banners. (eg: 970x250, 300x600)

Creative Built for Other Platforms

Creative must be built to Eyereturn's spec. Creative built for other platforms may require revisions to be made useable by Eyereturn. This may incur additional fees and delays.

Information Required for Mobile Adserving

For each placement on the media plan please provide:
Ad dimensions Specify Sizes
Ad type Standard, Expanding, Video
Mobile Device iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry, etc
Type of Adserving Mobile browser or mobile app

Please contact Eyereturn if building for creative to be served on mobile apps. Mobile apps must be ORMMA/MRAID compliant in order to run Eyereturn tags.

Naming Conventions & Delivery Format

Each individual creative unit should be compressed as a .ZIP, following this naming convention:


If a backup image is provided, it should not be included in the individual creative's .ZIP, but seperately, following the same naming convention.

For multiple creatives, follow the above for each unit, group all units together in a folder, and .ZIP the folder for final delivery.

Delivery to Eyereturn

Standard files required 6 business days prior to campaign launch

Rich Media files required 10 business days prior to campaign launch

File package must include:

Include where applicable:

For more in-depth information on industry standards, please refer to the IAB specifications