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A Billboard is a large format ad 970x250 rich media unit. In its standard configuration, it may be treated as a normal rich media unit. Optionally, on sites which support a collapsing/expanding Billboard, it may feature a "close" button which collapses 100% of the Billboard, leaving a separate "Show Ad" button that will redisplay the ad on user click, with site content expanding and contracting around the Billboard's space.

Note: Creatives that do not meet the requirements of the sites may be rejected or may need to be rebuilt, which can cause last-minute delays.

Ad Unit Specifications

Ad Format File Size Dimensions Animation
(Unlimited upon user interaction)
Billboard 2.2mb* 970x250 30 seconds maximum Creative must contain 1-pixel border

The above is based on IAB Specifications *larger files can be accommodated if required, contact us for details

Information for Media Planners

  • Can this site accept Billboard creative?
  • Does the site have a set of specifications prepared for Billboards?
  • Can the site accept the optional show/hide Billboard configuration, in which the site’s content shifts?