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The Filmstrip is a 300x600 unit, divided into 5 modules. The user can page back and forth between these modules using onscreen buttons. The template is configured to store the last frame viewed by the user as local data, so the next time the unit is loaded, the next frame in the sequence will be loaded.

Note: Creative that do not meet the requirements of the sites may be rejected or may need to be rebuilt, which can cause last-minute delays.

Ad Unit Specifications

Ad Format File Size Dimensions Animation
(Unlimited upon user interaction)



30 seconds maximum Creative must contain 1-pixel border

The above is based on IAB Specifications *larger files can be accommodated if required, contact us for details

Information for Media Planners

  • Can this site accept Filmstrip creatives?
    • Not all sites are built to fit a filmstrip sized ad unit
  • Does the site have a set of specifications prepared for Filmstrips?
    • If yes, please deliver these to creative agency and eyereturn