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At present Pushdown ad units are not regulated by the IAB, so no industry-wide standards exist. Each website therefore has its own set of requirements for pushdowns, so you will likely need to create multiple versions of a pushdown (one for each site).

This document outlines the questions you should be asking to make sure your pushdown executions run as smoothly as possible. Be sure to get this information from every website that will be running a pushdown before anyone begins production. Also provide this to eyereturn when trafficking is required.

Note: Creative that do not meet the requirements of the sites may be rejected or may need to be rebuilt, which can cause last-minute delays.

Information for Media Planners

  • Can this site accept Pushdown creatives?
    • Sites have to be built in a certain way for us to be able to push down their page. If the site isn't sure, please contact us and we can run some tests with them.
  • Does the site have a set of specifications prepared for Pushdowns?
    • If yes, please deliver these to creative agency and eyereturn
  • Is the Pushdown being served in to an iFrame?
    • If yes, please put the eyereturn in contact with the site asap so we can test the placement in advance.

Information for the creative agency or production company


  • Dimensions:
    • Unexpanded Height x Width (in pixels)
    • Expanded Height x Width (in pixels)
  • Is the Pushdown allowed to auto-expand?:
    • If yes:
      1. Does the automatic expansion need to auto-close after a certain length of time? If yes, what is the time?
      2. Does the auto-expansion need to be Frequency Capped? If yes, what is the frequency?
      3. Is the unit allowed to re-expand once it has auto-closed? If yes, does the re-expand happen on click or rollover?
    • If no:
      1. Does the initial expand happen on click or rollover?
      2. Does the site have any unique requirements regarding Pushdowns that haven't been covered?

Pushdown Technical Build Specifications


A Pushdown is relatively self-contained, being built to expand and collapse as a single unit with the interaction script contained in the creative. However, because Pushdowns will often push down a section of page content via javascript, some back and forth between the creative and the clientscript is still required, via eyeBuild. This consists of making a doOpen() call when the user interacts to expand the unit, as well as the standard doClose() call upon clicking the unit's close button. The doOpen() call causes the clientscript to expand the ad unit's space to accomodate the expanded size, pushing down content as required, and the doClose() call does the reverse.