(300x250, 850x700)
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The Sidekick is a combination ad unit, consisting of a 300x250 unit with a call to action to expand, and an 850x700 unit which expands from the right side of the page, pushing page content to the left. Closing the expanded portion retracts the page content to its original position.

Note: Creative that do not meet the requirements of the sites may be rejected or may need to be rebuilt, which can cause last-minute delays.

Ad Unit Specifications

Ad Format File Size Dimensions Animation
(Unlimited upon user interaction)
Border Additional
Big Box Unit

50kb initial load max

2mb* progressive load

300x250 (Additional options include IAB 300x600 and IAB Billboard 970x250)

30 seconds maximum Creative must contain 1-pixel border Expand Method: On click or rollover after visual three-second countdown
Sidekick Unit

100kb initial load max

2mb* progressive load


N/A Creative must contain 1-pixel border Allowed expanded direction: Expands in the right gutter only. Appears to push page to the left. Close button: Must be present and clearly defined at all times in the top corner of the unit.

The above is based on IAB Specifications *larger files can be accommodated if required, contact us for details

Information for Media Planners

  • Can the site accept Sidekick creatives?
    • Sites have to be built in a certain way for us to be able to push their content left. If the site isn't sure contact us and we can run some tests with them.
  • Does the site have a set of specifications prepared for Sidekicks?
    • If yes, please deliver these to creative agency and eyereturn