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The Slider is a combination ad unit, consisting of a slider bar (similar to a Catfish unit, anchored to the bottom of the page, with a 950 pixel safe area for content), and a 950x550 main content unit which slides into the center upon interaction, pushing the site's content to the left.

Note: Creative that do not meet the requirements of the sites may be rejected or may need to be rebuilt, which can cause last-minute delays.

Ad Unit Specifications

Ad Format File Size Dimensions Animation
(Unlimited upon user interaction)
Border Additional
Slider Bar Unit 2.2mb*

950x90 (or 950x50 based on publisher decision)

30 seconds maximum Creative must contain 1-pixel border Expand Method: On click or rollover after visual three-second countdown
Slider Unit 2.2mb*


N/A Creative must contain 1-pixel border

Close button: Must be present and clearly defined at all times in the top corner of the unit

Allowed Expanded Directions: Expands in the right gutter only. Appears to push page to the left.

The above is based on IAB Specifications *larger files can be accommodated if required, contact us for details

Information for Media Planners

  • Can the site accept Slider creatives?
    • Sites have to be built in a certain way for us to be able to push their content left. If the site isn't sure, please contact us and we can run some tests with them.
  • Does the site have a set of specifications prepared for Sliders?
    • If yes, please deliver these to the creative agency and eyereturn.

Best Practices

  • Use a branding color for the gutter areas while keeping active ad elements in the center 950 pixels.
  • In the Slider content, use a branding color for the bottom 90 pixels while keeping active ad elements in the top 460 pixels.