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This document specifically deals with video and how it can be integrated into any type of Rich media ad unit that eyereturn serves. This should be treated as additional documentation to our Rich media specifications.

Note: Creative that do not meet the requirements of the sites may be rejected or may need to be rebuilt, which can cause last-minute delays.


  • Video is allowed to start automatically and play for up to 30 secs with audio muted
  • Sound is allowed but must be user initiated by a click
  • Pause/play/mute/unmute buttons are required
  • Implement and provide multiple video formats for better cross-browser compatibility (MP4, WEBM, OGG, etc)
  • Controls and playback should be tracked using eyeBuild IATs.

VIDEO – Technical Build Instructions

Custom JavaScript controls should be implemented on all HTML videos that are required to click through, as opposed to enabling the native controls of the HTML5 video player. This is because some browsers do not differentiate between a click on the video area and a click on the native controls, resulting in a clickthrough when the controls are interacted with.

Your custom controls should integrate the standard video tracking. Standard video tracking includes IATs for Start, 25%, 50%, 75%, and 100% playback, as well as play/pause/mute/unmute/replay events.

Seek bars are discouraged in short videos, for the sake of accurate playback tracking. Long videos may benefit from a seek bar, but for average length rich media videos (typically 30 seconds), a simple "Replay" function is preferred.

File size is counted per video format, as opposed to counting all formats together. As only one format will load per browser, each format can be up to 2.2mb, minus the rest of the non-video assets.