Technical Tips & Best Practices

File Size

IAB spec allows for up to 2.2 MB for a rich media unit. In practice, the fastest a user will be able to download content is 300-400 KB per second. Many factors can contribute to a user having slower speed than this.

Keep file sizes down as much as possible. If file sizes are large, use pre-loaders and or split files into separately downloaded chunks.

CPU Usage

The complexity of animations, vector graphics, code-generated graphics/effects and detailed moving elements affect the number of calculations the CPU must make for each frame. Publishers may have, in addition to file weight guidelines, requirements for rich media advertisements that take CPU usage into account. Here are some common high CPU usage factors:

Use a framerate of 30fps or lower, following the IAB spec, and limit your use of CPU-intensive techniques and resources to ensure that your ad unit meets all necessary standards and runs as effectively as possible on a wide range of machines.

Creative Tips & Best Practices

If the objective is clickthrough

If the objective is user engagement